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Tasks are a piece of functionality you create ad-hoc to manage a certain aspect of your app.

Need to fix data, send emails, delete a user or replace a customer order? create a task for each. Even though it's manual to run, it's a great investment because:

  • You automate a piece of manual work
  • You're already using stuff you know: your app's models, libraries and logic
  • No need for building UIs
  • If needed, you can always automate this with a UI, you just need something that runs jobs and can take parameters (hint: Jenkins)

Each task will parse the command line arguments into flags in args. These are the yargs parsed output of your CLI.

Running tasks

This will output a list of available tasks:

$ bin/hyperstack tasks

And this will run one of those

$ bin/hyperstack tasks forgot-password --username

Creating a task

Here's an example task:

import { task } from 'hyperstack'
import { appContext } from '../../app'
import { AuthMailer } from '../../app/mailers/auth'

export default task('send a reset password email.', async (args) => {
const { User } = appContext.models()
const { username } = args
const user = await User.findOne({ where: { username } })
if (!user) {
throw new Error('no such user')
await AuthMailer.forgotPassword(user).deliverLater()
return { ok: true }

You fetch everything you need from appContext, which, at the point of calling, has been wired with your models, workers, and others for you to work with.


As with every other aspect of Hyperstack, you have a dedicated test framework for tasks, too.

Set up the data, call the task directly, and snapshot. Hyperstack takes care of everything else, such as database cleaning, tear down, etc.

Here's how to test a forgot password task:

import { test } from '@hyperstackjs/testing'
import ForgotPassword from '../../lib/tasks/forgot-password'
import { appContext } from '../../app'
import { root } from '../../config/settings'
const { tasks } = test(root)

describe('tasks', () => {
describe('forgot-password', () => {
tasks('should work', async (app) => {
const { User } = appContext.models()
const user = await User.createWithPassword({
username: '',
password: 'mypass-should-login',
name: 'Eddie Van Halen',
await ForgotPassword.exec({ username: user.username }, app)


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