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Welcome to Hyperstack!

Welcome to Hyperstack, the full stack web framework for the pragmatic developer. Hyperstack is Rails inspired, but what you should take from that, is that it gives you everything you need as a solo developer to build great products.

Build your app, but bring your own frontend

Hyperstack focuses on building great apps, modeling data, logic and common tasks, and leaves frontend choices to you. There are great frontend frameworks, so we didn't reinvent the wheel.

You should use Hyperstack if you:

  • Have a great idea and want to build stuff, ship it fast and iterate quickly
  • Have no time or desire to map the concept of "building stuff" to Kubernetes, or breaking it apart to microservices, lambdas, serverless functions, or other very specific technologies
  • Like the idea of plain old databases, models, logic, and test-driven products, no surprises here


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