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WIP: this doc is still in writing

Redaction & Filtering

You can redact, filter, or censor using the redact configuration block.

  logger: {
redact: {
paths: ['res.headers["content-security-policy"]'],
remove: true,

Use it to remove noise, sensitive data, or GDPR oriented data, as well as mark it clearly on the log if needed for auditing.

See redaction in more detail here

Hyperstack already contains a predefined set of redaction keys, that will get merged with your specific redaction requirements.

Logs in Production

Hyperstack will output JSON logs in production, which makes it easy for any log indexing and searching service to injest.

In addition, you can set a DEBUG=* environment flag, to activate all of the internal library trace logs in Node.js.

To search through logs, in Heroku, you can do of the following:

  • Use heroku logs -t to tail and look through the logs as they come
  • In the Heroku dashboard, you can click View Logs
  • Or, you can add a free plugin for log search, such as Coralogix. These plugins automatically connect with your log stream, so you have nothing to do on your end.


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